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According to me if you are on the right place on right time, you will get the best of it. So, i’m on the spot and it’s raining here in delhi. I’m talking about one of the famous food treasures of delhi “ KHANDANI PAKODE WALA ” situated in Sarojini Nagar.                 There are so many places in delhi to eat delicious food or chaat but this palce is quite different from them, as you don’t get any food or chaat here. And the second part is you never need to wait for your friends or family members to plan a visit to this place. You may come alone take a sip of tea or lassi or coke and enjoy the tasty  pakoda’s you ever eat in delhi.                 Ambience of this place is over all good but as you know in delhi space is always a big problem to deal with according to that factor here on this food point, you never need to face this problem.You will defiantly find a place to stand and enjoy your food. And if you have a group of friends or colleagues than it will become your favouri
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The only thing I imagine in my mind whenever anyone asked me to go there is                           THEKA - BAR - MUSIC – HUKKA - CHICKEN - COKE - ICE CREAM. If you are a person who likes to party in a loud way and having a group of friends those are totally insane & fun loving. Than RAJINDER DA DHABA will defiantly become  one of your favourite destinations in DELHI. According to me each and every occasion of your life may be it’s the birthday (your, your g/f or your b/f), your selection parties, get together, having some good dinner with your family. It’s one solution for these moments. One and most important thing to be note before you plan to go over there with your family or g/f is, you must have a car, because you never find any decent place to sit and enjoy your food. If you are going with your friends or colleagues than no problem at all. So, these are some important points those you must have in your mind before you going over there. Now let’s talk about fo